Madikwe Game Reserve

Home to Madikwe Safari Lodge, the Madikwe Game Reserve at 75,000 hectares is one of South Africa’s largest game reserves and is only three hours drive from both Johannesburg and Pretoria. It is located along the Botswana border (90 km north of Zeerust). This is also a non-malaria area which makes it safe and popular as a destination for families.

Madikwe is a Big Five game reserve. The immense diversity of vegetation ensures a wide range of animal species, and the distinctive topography presents incredible game viewing opportunities. Madikwe is home to 66 mammal species and approximately 300 resident and migrant bird species. The reserve is home to so many different species as it one of the largest transfer reserves for migrating animals.

Vast plains of open woodlands and grasslands are dissected by the rugged Rant van Tweedepoort, and bordered in the South by the Dwarsberg Mountains.

In early 1991 a reintroduction programme called Operation Phoenix began. This is one of the largest game translocation exercises in the world and saw more than 8000 animals and 28 species released onto the reserve. This included elephant, rhino buffalo, lion, cheetah, Cape hunting dog, spotted hyena, zebra and many antelope and herbivores.