Our Responsibility

One of our core brand promises is “To Change a Life”. Not only is this applied to our guests, but also to our communities and to the natural environment and its wildlife.

Our Communities:

Considering that many of our staff members employed at our Lodges are often from underprivileged local communities, we have a direct role to play in bettering their (and their families’) lives. We have chosen to involve ourselves through the community’s children, women and elderly.

At Lion Sands we support the Henna Pre-School, New Beginnings Day Care, and the Huntington Home-based Care. These are three initiatives spearheaded and administered by the Bhubezi Community Project Trust which is a registered independent trust and is sanctioned by the South African Revenue Service as a Public Benefit Organization. This Trust ensures that funds and donations are administered for the numerous projects undertaken for these three care centres so that the children of the surrounding areas are fed, educated and taken care of when their parents are away at work. This fund is also involved in educating women and the elderly in the community in crafts such as beadworks.

At Madikwe we support The Motshabaesi Primary School, a school which serves 234 children from the Obakeng Village. Most come from very poor families, and do not stay with parents but with guardians (grandparents, aunts and uncles or members of the community). Many of these parents/ guardians are unemployed, and the only meals the children eat are those they get at the school. The government supplies the school with food on a weekly basis for this purpose.

Motshabaesi Primary consists of 4 classrooms and a couple of temporary container classrooms that accommodate between 30 and 50 learners each. There is no administrative equipment (which they are in desperate need of), or library.

Despite being subsidised by the government, the school battles to support the children that they “foster” during the week.

At Cape Cadogan and More Quarters we support a Cape Town NGO called “Matchbox” which is involved in the up-liftment of township creche’ and nursery facilities. For more information please click here.  The current Matchbox project is at the Injongo creche, situated in the township of Mfuleni just outside Cape Town.

Encouraged by the situation of the high amount of children who were strolling unattended in the streets of the neighborhood during daytimes, Mavis Ngcongolo opened the doors of her tiny shack on a plot of about 90 sqm in Mfuleni.

Although many parents cannot afford the low school fees, Mavis manages to create a very loving environment and support, protection and daily meals for about 70 young and vulnerable children.

Pack for a Purpose

MORE has teamed up with the Pack for a Purpose initiative. This organisation facilitates a direct bridge between our small piece of Africa, and the rest of the world. They do this by setting up wish lists in coordination with each of the affiliated properties and the school or crèche they are responsible for. Pack for a Purpose allows travellers the opportunity to donate and contribute to these care centres by looking at the wish list for the corresponding property that they are travelling to and bringing along any donations they can. This organisation ensures that each of the care centres has enough food, stationery, clothes, toys and much more.

Click on the links below for each of our property wish lists:

The Environment and our Wildlife:-

At Lion Sands Game Reserve the ‘Save the Rhino Foundation’ is an initiative which has been set up in order to protect and aid the fight against Rhino poaching. This Foundation has already raised hundreds of thousands of Rands towards the cause.