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Shopping on safari is about finding those rare and beautiful items to remind you of your time in Africa, and to take something of its unique places home to your friends and family. Who says this should be limited to fridge magnets and key rings?

Our Onelife MORE Boutiques are the brain- (and heart-) child of the late Britt More, co-founder of MORE, who had an impeccable eye for quality and pure substance. The boutiques at each of our lodges offer a range of proudly African-produced, high-end clothing, accessories, mementos, and art – as well as everyday necessities.

Britt believed that beauty is not in a brand name; it is the essence of something well made, with a quirky charm and distinctive character. African designers possess a creativity and sense of style that is unique in the world. This is what I want to showcase through Onelife MORE Boutique. – Britt More