In line with the South African safari industry, at each of our Lodges visitors will enjoy two game drives per day, one early morning and one late afternoon. Each is approximately 3-4 hours long, and includes a scenic coffee and sundowner break to purely appreciate just being in the moment.

MORE also offers a water-safari experience at Marataba Safari Lodge, Miss Mara. Cruises take place on a dam called Python Dam, which stretches about two kilometers in length, and one hundred meters wide at some points along its course.

What takes the MORE Safari Experience to the next level is the practical understanding and application of the four key ingredients for a first-class private safari experience.

  • The quality of the Field Guide & Tracker
  • The concentration and quality of wildlife
  • The comfort of the game drive vehicle
  • The size and quality of traversing space

The Quality of the Field Guide & Tracker

Field Guides and Trackers work together as a team out in the bush. The Trackers are the eyes and ears, while the Guides are the navigators and interpreters. In their expert hands, our guests are treated to really close encounters with Africa’s most coveted animal species.

When it comes to those Guides and Trackers who we entrust to share the most important aspect of our Lodge experience, it is imperative to us that we get the selection right.

GUIDING COMES FROM THE HEART. When we choose our Guides, we first look for a genuine and tangible passion for the wilderness, and the ability to share it with people from around the world. Only once those boxes have been ticked do we look for official qualification, personality and experience.

We are very proud to have one of the world’s only MASTER TRACKERS as part of our family at Lion Sands. In 2013 Lucas Mathonsi achieved the much coveted Master Tracker qualification, becoming one of four existing Master Trackers in the world, and only the second tracker to be awarded this prestigious qualification in the Lowveld since 1994!

The late Nick More (1967 – 2013) is the inspiration behind the NJ MORE Field Guide College, which embodies our wish to continue our long legacy of passionate, highly skilled and authentic natural ambassadors who believe in conservation, and take pleasure in sharing their passion with other people. Just like Nick.

Click here to learn more about this professional training college.

Guides work on their own on safari at Madikwe and at Marataba, without trackers, in line with the nature of the environment. 

The concentration and quality of Wildlife

Each of the MORE Lodges is located South African Reserves known for their concentrations of wildlife, including Kruger National Park, Sabi Sand Reserve, Madikwe Game Reserve and Marataba Game Reserve.

While each destination affords sightings of the Big 5 (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant – the most dangerous animals to hunt on foot), they also present a unique and veritable collection of smaller animal species, bird species and vegetation.

A combination of the different MORE destinations promises the ultimate South African safari experience.

The comfort of the game drive vehicle

Comfort is King! At Lion Sands, never more than 6 people will participate on a safari (unless a party is larger, and requests their own vehicle). This means that everyone gets a window seat.

In addition to this, the Lion  Sands Landrovers have:

  • 2L engine , resulting in lower carbon emissions
  • Sound-proofed engine housing which significantly reduces noise
  • i-pad waterproof holders in central consoles
  • 220V charging points to charge cameras and other photographic equipment
  • Non essential electronics removed for more environmentally efficient vehicles
  • Bucket seats with built in springs for comfort, and arm rests if required
  • Bluetooth radio connectivity to assist in reducing radio static

Madikwe’s Landcruisers & Landrovers comfortably accommodate a maximum of 8 people at any given time, while Marataba’s Landcruisers accommodate between 6 and 8 people.

In summer months, shaded canopies will be added to provide relief against the sun’s harsh rays and rainfall typical at this time of year.

The size and quality of traversing space

Each of the MORE properties enjoys a healthy size of traversing land.

At Lion Sands Game Reserve 13,000ha is traversed, visitors will seldom see another vehicle as game drives are exclusive to Lion Sands (with the exception of a small tract of land shared with Kirkman’s Kamp).

At Marataba Safari Lodge, the fact that no other property is located on the 27,000 hectare reserve is one of the unique aspects of the property. Visitors are afforded the ultimate private safari.

At Madikwe Safari Lodge, all lodges on the reserve have access to the entire 75,000ha property. It is therefore likely that other vehicles will be encountered during drive, although strict vehicle per sighting policies are applied.