Our safaris offer you a truly unique African experience, with the chance to encounter all of the Big Five in their natural habitats, as well as numerous smaller mammal, reptile, insect and bird species. The approach of highly-skilled and experienced field guides and limits on the number of vehicles per sighting ensure the animals never feel threatened, and you are able to spend more time with them observing their typical behaviour. On a MORE safari, it’s just you and the animals.

Game Drives
At each of our lodges, you are offered two game drives in an open safari vehicle per day – heading out at sunrise and again just before dusk. Each excursion is about 3- to 4-hours long, and includes a hot beverage or sundowner stop in a scenic spot to purely appreciate being in the bush and in moment. This is a truly intimate experience, with no more than eight guests on safari accompanied by their field guide.

Bush Walks
These are our walks on the wild side. You are immersed in the bush, rather than just observing it. All five senses are engaged, as you feel scrub crunch beneath your feet, feel the velvety acacia seed pod, hear the crack of a branch indicating you are not alone, and spot big game at eye level – exhilarating! Walks take place after breakfast and are 1.5 to 2 hours long, depending on guests’ fitness levels.

Miss Mara Water Safaris
As a guest of Marataba South Africa, you also have the option of taking a morning or sunset Miss Mara water safari on the Matlabas River. During this 1-hour slow cruise, conducted by one of the field guides, you can expect to see hippo, crocodile, plentiful birdlife, and land animals, including elephant, coming down to the water’s edge to drink and forage. Beverages and snacks (canapés at sunset) are served en route.

The clear air and minimal light pollution of remote African wildernesses make them ideal locations for stargazing. During evening game drives or bush dinners, the field guides will point out planets and stars you may never before have seen with the naked eye, constellations that shift seasonally, as well as those unique to the southern hemisphere (circumpolar constellations), taking you and your fellow gazers on an astral safari.