Walking Trails

Marataba Trails Lodge is the latest addition to the MORE Portfolio. It was designed and created for seasoned hikers who are looking for diverse and challenging trails in a spectacularly beautiful big 5 private reserve where a rich abundance of wildlife roams free.

When asked why MORE moved in this direction, said Robert More (Co-Founder and CEO), “Having watched the market closely over the last ten years, we have noticed a number of trends influencing the scope of luxury travel. First is the increase in demand for unique and extraordinary experiences that are authentic and uncontrived. Second is a movement towards healthy living. People are more physically active, conscious about what they eat, and attracted to the simple pleasures of good sleep, unpolluted air and zoning out every once in a while to connect with self. Finally, we have seen how many of our well-heeled international guests yearn to disconnect from the grid of communication for a proper ‘digital detox’. The Marataba Trails Lodge is our interpretation of this evolution in the luxury market.”

Marataba is blessed with a great diversity of eco-systems and landscapes. The trails make use of different areas of the reserve, and a variety of trails options are available, differing in respect of degree of difficulty and fitness required. Trails range from trekking over the top of the Kransberg range, to traversing through gorges. Regardless of the route, the one thing that remains consistent is the likelihood of encountering wildlife along the way.

Guides are senior trails guides with years of experience in leading guided walks in Big 5 territories. Not only are they fully qualified to lead these walks, but they have been carefully chosen for their personalities and how they are able to interact with guests. There are two senior trails guides at all times. It is imperative that there are two guides on every walk, no matter the number of walking guests. The maximum amount of guests we can walk with at one time is eight.

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