What it takes to be awarded Travel + Leisure’s Top in Africa

Lion Sands Game Reserve and Madikwe Safari Lodge were both recently listed by Travel + Leisure magazine as among the ‘Top 10 Safari Lodges in Africa‘. These were such incredible accolades, and in amongst our celebrations we took a moment to identify a few of the things that we believe contributed to the international recognition.

  1. Location. The old adage of “location, location, location” is key for all of our lodges and hotels. We only choose properties in unique and beautiful places. Our destinations are each unique in their own right, but also present the very best that this beautiful country (and continent) has to offer.
  2. People. It’s the people on the ground who inject the soul into each of our properties. We invest in exceptional people, and encourage development throughout their careers (we prefer to see them as vocations) within the MORE family. We are truly blessed to have attracted and retained some of the finest that this industry has to offer.
  3. Experiences. We have always been singularly driven to deliver much more than just another ‘luxury’ hotel room, and in the process have created a menu of extraordinary experiences for our visitors. The Guest Experience is the core around which our operation evolves.
  4. Understanding changing needs in a changing world, and being able to adapt. We have learned that success is ultimately achieved through reading, interpreting and delivering on our guests’ very high expectations. In a world where the pace of change is escalating, we need to intuitively understand what people are looking for in their leisure experience, and to be able to adjust our offering accordingly. This keeps us on our toes!
  5. Design & décor. We focus on moving with global design trends, while still creating comfortable and unique spaces where our guests want to relax and unwind. We’re all about creating spaces that are an extension of our own homes. Comfortable, simple and intelligent aesthetics are always our inspiration.

Any thoughts of your own as to what it takes to make it to the World’s Best lists? Drop us a line and share your views.


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